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Java Message Banner Ver. 2.0

This is not just another Java(tm) applet text banner... We believe this applet Message Banner Version 2.0 to be the only applet on the Internet capable of displaying the visitors true IP address without the use of an additional script. If you know of any other Java(tm) applet that displays the true IP address when viewed by the newer browsers without using an additional script then please notify

If another applet is proven to read the true IP address when viewed under the newer browsers we will remove our claim of being the only applet on the Internet displaying the true visitor IP address. We have held this position publicly since March 1998 with only one report. The report of an applet displaying the true IP address was a webmaster that had downloaded and implemented the beta version of the Adeveloper mpanel2.class file. If you know of any other applet on the Internet with these abilities please let us know - thank you.

The Adeveloper Message Banner does NOT store information or data about the visitor, host system, or client system, on the hard drive or any other storage medium. The Message Banner does NOT read, write or use COOKIES. The Message Panel does not transmit or receive any information to or from the Internet.

The Message Banner only reads and displays the visitors information (IP address and domain) on the visitors machine and to the visitor. Due to the strict adherence of not storing or transmitting any information we feel that the Adeveloper Message Banner is a SAFE applet that respects the privacy of the Internet community.

Hundreds of hours went into finding a solution around the newer browser security barrier of local host "". Please do not email asking for an explanation of how this applet works, for the source code, or requesting that we modify the applet so that it will communicate to a JavaScript, the answer is a polite NO...

Message Banner Features

The Java(tm) Message Banner applet graphically displays text messages specified in your HTML document using applet parameters. The panel displays up to ninety-nine user defined messages. The panel text messages are displayed in sequence and continually repeated in an endless loop.

The panel applet width, height, frame size, text color, background color, upper frame color, lower frame color, bold or italic text are all controlled from your HTML document using applet parameters. Each line of text is automatically centered in the display panel frame. For each message displayed you specify the time period in milli-Seconds (1/1000 Second) to display the message.

The banner applet displays the visitors date and time in real time with day of week, visitor domain, and visitors true IP address. The panel accepts a URL address parameter that enables the panel to load a new page (URL) when the banner is left or right mouse clicked. Multiple banners may run simultaneously on a single web page all displaying different messages, each characterized by its own applet parameters. For an example of mouse clicking on a banner to load a URL, mouse click the banner below and visit the Adeveloper FREE Web development resources.

The Java(tm) applet Message Banner is easy to use. The real time and date are displayed by passing the string "date" as a message line parameter. Pass the string "domain" and the visitor domain is displayed. Pass the string "ip" and the visitor IP address is displayed.

Java(tm) applet Message Banner uses buffered graphics to reduce display flicker. Time and date graphics are only updated when seconds increment to the next count. The real time and date display is Y2K (year 2000) compliant.

Java(tm) applet Message Banner requires one class file "mpanel2.class". The mpanel2.class file is 13,482 bytes. The Java applet Message Banner provides default message line parameters reducing the number of parameters required to characterize the banner.

Java(tm) applet Message Panel Version 1.0 was first released March 17, 1997. The recent release August 15, 1999 is version 2.0. The Java applet Message Banner Version 2.0 is distributed as copyrighted Free Ware - enjoy :)

Message Banner Examples...

o Display time and date

o Display visitors true IP address

o Display visitors domain

o Multi line message banner with 3D frame

Message Banner Bugs

o August 22, 1999 - No bugs reported...

o March 12, 2000 - Problem with Internet Explorer 5 when Microsoft 'JIT' is enabled. The banner is written in Sun Microsystems Java; when Microsoft JIT is enabled a thread in the banner that obtains the domain and IP address never returns. To disable 'JIT' in IE 5 select the Tools menu, Internet Options, Advanced dialog tab, scroll down to "JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled" or something similar with "JIT" and make sure that it is disabled (no check mark). After disabling IE 5 JIT you may have to reboot. We are working on a fix the JIT problem and will release either a fix or a new banner that without domain code that will operate when JIT is enabled.

* * * Download Version 2.0 * * *

PLEASE READ THE INCLUDED README.TXT documentation file for configuring and using the Java applet Message Banner. Down Load Java(tm) applet Message Banner Version 2.0 ( 23,670 bytes , includes mpanel2.class file, examples files and documentation. Click on the banner below and download your Java(tm) applet Message Banner.

!!! Your browser is not Java enabled !!!

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