Adeveloper Message Banner 2.0

Message Banner 2.0 visitors domain address. The Message Banner above displaying the visitors domain address is configured by the following HTML code example. Display the visitors domain address on your Web page using the Adeveloper mpanel2.class file and the following HTML code example.

HTML code example...

2)   <APPLET CODE="mpanel2.class"   HEIGHT=40 WIDTH=600>
3)   <PARAM NAME="copyright1" VALUE="Adeveloper Copyright (c) 1999">
4)   <PARAM NAME="copyright2"  VALUE="">
5)   <PARAM NAME="bold"           VALUE="1">
6)   <PARAM NAME="lines"           VALUE="1">
7)   <PARAM NAME="msg_1"         VALUE="domain">
8)   <PARAM NAME="msgCol_1"   VALUE="black">
9)   <PARAM NAME="bgCol_1"       VALUE="white">
10) <PARAM NAME="dly_1"           VALUE="5000">
11) </APPLET>
12) </FONT></CENTER>

Example line functions...

1)   Center Message Banner and use Arial font for domain address.

2)   Start applet tag using mpanel2.class file with a
      height of 40 and a width of 600.

3)   Adeveloper copyright line one, not visible to visitor.

4)   Adeveloper copyright line two, not visible to visitor.

5)   Display message text in bold.

6)   Number of message lines to display.

7)   The message #1 "ip" causes banner to display the visitors
      domain address.

8)   Message #1 text color is black.

9)   Message #1 background color is white.

10) Message #1 delay is 5000 milli-seconds or five seconds.

11) End of applet tag.

12) End of FONT and end of center from line one.

General Notes...

o   Visitors domain address

o   Example code domain address message #1 is repeated
      every five seconds

o   Domain address message is automatically centered in applet object.

o   Font size is set by applet height.

o   Copy and past above code into HTML Web page displaying IP
      address, remove the green line numbers.

o   The mpanel2.class file must be in the same directory as the
      Web page displaying the IP address banner.

o   The mpanel2.class file must be named exactly as shown - all lower case.

o   Always upload Java(tm) applet class files to your server using the
      eight-bit binary mode of data transfer.

o   For a more detailed explanation of the applet parameters and the
      use of the Message Banner please reference the README.TXT file
      included in the download zip file.

Adeveloper Message Banner 2.0